Opencord Launches its Patreon Plug-in NFT Pass on Reddio Powered by StarkWare

Opencord Launches its Patreon Plug-in NFT Pass on Reddio Powered by StarkWare

Leveraging Reddio’s services, Opencord has launched their Patreon NFT pass plug-in on Reddio Layer2 to scale NFT minting for membership on Ethereum with 0 gas fee and instant confirmation

Opencord, a Web3 native social platform built for DAOs, has launched its Patreon NFT pass plug-in on Reddio Layer 2 with 0 gas fee and instant confirmation.

The Opencord Patreon plugin is a feature developed using the Opencord SDK and Reddio’s Layer 2 to offer a simple and efficient way for Web2 creators to manage their community and expand their audience into the world of Web3. It allows Patreon creators to assign roles and award patrons with customised NFT passes that mirror Patreon membership levels. By doing so, it lets creators manage their community on Opencord based on these NFT passes, including content access control, award distribution, and role management.

The plugin wraps Patreon native membership levels into NFT passes with free mint, and seamlessly integrates it with Opencord’s token gating feature. The NFT passes utilise leading Layer 2 technology fully secured by Ethereum, offering lightning-fast minting and trading speeds of up to 10k TPS, 0 gas fees, and the option to bridge to Ethereum.

The Patreon plugin is a significant step towards a smooth and efficient Web3 onboarding process, especially for Web2 creators seeking to integrate decentralised solutions. Leveraging Reddio’s Layer 2, the plugin minimises onboarding costs for users and provides a speedy transaction process, offering a better user experience overall.

About Reddio

Reddio is a technology company that builds infrastructure for the blockchain, to help developers adopt blockchain technologies with the easy-to-use Layer 2 for Apps and Games. Enabling developers embed Token or NFT(Non-fungible token) into their web, desktop and mobile applications with massive scalability (up to 10k TPS) and zero gas fee for off-chain. Reddio also offers the fastest way to build Web3 Apps on StarkNet and launch your own StarkNet on layer 3. Backed by Tiger Cub Fund, Arena Holdings, and Paradigm, we take care of the complex multi-chain and expose a global available and ready-to-use cloud APIs that developers can interact with to build user friendly Token/NFT applications.

About Opencord

Opencord is a Web3-native social platform built for DAOs. The mission of Opencord is to become the open “cord” that connects DAOs, DApps and individuals, making Web3 more accessible for everyone.

About StarkWare

StarkWare develops ZKP technology to solve two of the biggest problems of blockchains: scalability and privacy. Focusing on scalability, StarkWare has the fastest in-class technology for asserting computational integrity via succinct, transparent, and post-quantum-secure proofs.