Open Sourcing Itachi – The Future of Decentralized Sequencer in Blockchain Technology

Open Sourcing Itachi – The Future of Decentralized Sequencer in Blockchain Technology

Reddio, a public blockchain backed by investments from Tiger Cub Fund, Arena Holdings, and Paradigm, announces that its pioneering Layer 2 (L2) and Layer 3 (L3) application chain sequencer framework, Itachi, is now officially open source. This key milestone is part of Reddio team's ongoing commitment to transparency and community-driven innovation.

Itachi: A Developer Friendly Framework for L2&L3 Development

Developed on the modular Yu framework and written in Golang by the Reddio team, Itachi offers unparalleled flexibility and customization for developers. This open-source sequencer is a pivotal advancement in blockchain technology, offering robust scaling solutions for decentralized application deployment.

Endorsement from Industry Leader

The framework has received recognition from numerous Crypto OGs, including Eli Ben-Sasson, CEO of StarkWare, who praised the Itachi framework, 'It’s great to see community driven efforts to drive Starknet's path towards decentralization'.

Key Features and Innovations

  • Modular Customization: Itachi simplifies blockchain development, akin to building a web service, allowing easy integration of various modules such as multiple virtual machines (VMs) and Data Availability (DA) layers.
  • Multiple VM and DA Support: Itachi supports CairoVM out of the box, and is designed to support a variety of VMs, including but not limited to EVM, Solana Virtual Machine (SVM), zkWASM, RISC0, MoveVM, and parallel EVMs without resource conflicts. It supports integration with multiple DA layers like Ethereum, Avail, Celestia, and more.
  • Advanced Prover and Anti-MEV Capabilities: Itachi aggregates multiple proving systems and coordinates zk proving tasks, enhancing security and offering specialized anti-Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) features to protect all DeFi dApp users on the platform.
  • Special L2 Consensus: Itachi’s unique L2 consensus protocol is designed for high throughput and inherits the security and permissionless nature of L1, setting new standards in blockchain operations. Meanwhile Itachi supports integration with mainstream consensus like PoW, PoS, PBFT,dBFT, HotStuff, etc. Developers can also customize their own consensus protocols for more high-performance and customization.
  • High Performance: Itachi excels in performance, delivering high transaction throughput (TPS) data under various testing conditions and hardware setups.
  • Layer 3 Appchain Compatibility: For projects with specific needs that L2 cannot satisfy, Itachi facilitates the development of custom L3 Appchains, enhancing real-time performance and throughput as required by applications like RTT games.
  • Interoperability Across dApps: Itachi ensures low-latency and reduced gas fees for cross-dApp interactions, enabling transactions such as a DeFi dApp triggering an action in a full-chain game, exemplifying seamless interoperability on the Itachi platform.

Community and Developer Engagement

Reddio actively engages with developers and has developed Itachi based on their input. Currently, gaming companies such as Boyaa, XAR Labs, Mississippi, Metascan, Mizu, Crystal Fun, TG.Bet, DEX companies like EdgeX, SphereX, etc. are testing Itachi for their Appchain launch and exploring potential partnerships.

The founder of Boyaa shared, "I have been thoroughly impressed with the architecture and capabilities of Itachi during our ongoing evaluation. It’s clear that Itachi’s framework could significantly enhance our blockchain infrastructure. The level of detail and thought put into Itachi’s design by the Reddio team aligns well with our needs for performance, transparency and security. We look forward to potentially integrating this technology and exploring how it can further our ambitions in the blockchain space.”

The source code for Itachi is now publicly available. We encourage developers around the world to contribute and extend its capabilities. With this open-source initiative, Itachi is poised to foster innovation and drive further advancements in the blockchain space.

Looking Ahead

We invite developers and blockchain enthusiasts to explore Itachi’s capabilities and propel its growth. Information on getting started with Itachi can be found in our developer guide.

For more information about Itachi and to join our community, please visit Reddio's official website or follow us on Twitter.

About Reddio:

Reddio is a one-stop solution to scale up Ethereum. Reddio provides a variety of amazing tools, such as a StarkEx-powered Layer 2, a zkVM Layer 2 and a high performance decentralized sequencer Itachi, just to name a few, to empower developers to take blockchain development to the next level.

Backed by Tiger Cub Fund, Arena Holdings, and Paradigm, Reddio simplifies convoluted blockchain development and maintains a robust blockchain infrastructure so customers can easily ramp up deployment. Reddio products are highly scalable, robust, and reliable.