How Adidas Empowers Its Fashion Business with NFTs and Web3

How Adidas Empowers Its Fashion Business with NFTs and Web3

Adidas x TokenProof conducted a Web3 Mass Education event this week to educate their 10 million members about NFTs and provide 17K holders with token-gated benefits. This article explores how Adidas achieved this feat.

In early April, Adidas launched a new dynamic NFT series called ALTS by Adidas, which marks a new phase in its Web3 journey. To acquire an ALTS NFT, one must burn the previously released Into The Metaverse NFT to generate a new NFT. The new NFT has eight different “Alter Ego” designs, each with unique features and interactive storylines.

After finishing the third chapter of the “Alter Ego” event, holders will receive a PFP NFT based on their traits. On April 20th, Adidas announced that it would release a new series called Indigo Herz Pack on April 26th, named after the BAYC #8774 that Adidas had purchased. This series includes seven items such as hoodies, pants, and shoes that combine NFTs with fashion.

Two of these items are limited edition: the Superstar shoes made in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comic, and gmoneyNFT (limited to 2145 pairs) and the hoodies printed with PUNKS Comic (limited to 2195 pieces). 17K Adidas NFT holders can purchase these items before the public sale. In addition, adiClub members will have early access to purchase these seven items, while others will have to wait until May 5th for the global public sale.

Holders can access the two limited edition items through Adidas’ CONFIRMED App and Tokenproof’s token-gated system. The CONFIRMED App’s 10 million users can jump to the Tokenproof App by clicking on Tokenproof card on the CONFIRMED App, which enables them to verify their ALTS by Adidas in CONFIRMED after successful authentication. The system is smooth, with some Twitter users completing the entire process in 21 seconds and some receiving their items in less than 24 hours.

NFTs and token-gated systems are ideal for fashion brands as they can safeguard supply chains against counterfeits and provide loyal users with limited edition whitelist services. Adidas’ new product release this week not only benefits holders but also serves as a Web3 Mass Education event and an example for other fashion brands. Gucci, LVMH, Burberry, and Prada are among the fashion brands actively exploring Web3.

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