Ethereum Layer 2 Unleashed: Year 2023 in Review with Reddio

Ethereum Layer 2 Unleashed:  Year 2023 in Review with Reddio

Reddio steadfastly maintains its mission: to simplify blockchain technologies for Web 2 developers. By honing our focus on Ethereum Layer 2, we've made it exceptionally user-friendly for developers to engage and innovate.

With such mission in mind, over the past year, we focus on listening to developers' need and constantly deliver for them, we have been,

1. Enhancing Reddio StarkEx Layer 2

As the most mature zk Layer 2 technologies, StarkEx, has been accumulated $1.16T with 125M NFTs minted on the network, by partnering with StarkWare, Reddio delivered Layer 2 for asset onchain and asset trading in 2022.

To complete the tech stack, in 2023, we have stablized and enhanced Reddio's own sequencer for StarkEx, iterated APIs based on developers' feedback, luanched StarkEx block explorer and L1<>StarkEx L2 bridge, with recent launch of ERC20 trading APIs, we are completing the stack for StarkEx Layer 2. To enable developer finished their first task in 5 mins and accelerate their integration, we enhanced JS, Unity SDKs, launched Java, Go, Python and C# libraries and quickstart demos.

2. Working on Starknet smart contract templates

With Starknet finally being mature, we are getting more feedback on their difficulties to build smart contracts on Starknet, hence we delivered a family of smart contracts templates to help developers deploy applications faster on Starknet, which includes ERC20, token airdrop, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC721 staking and also NFT marketplace.

3. Deliver Starknet node services with the least global latency

There are very few node service providers for Starknet, and no one has been focusing on low latency among the existing providers, we have benchmarked existing solutions, chose the best solution with fine-tunes mechanism to make the node services available to all developers.

4. Deliver Reddio's Starknet Layer 2

The more we talk to Starknet developers, the more we realised an alternative Starknet is needed, which provides 0 gas fee and high performance for fully onchain games, Dex and social Apps. Hence we launched our Starknet layer 2 powered by Madara, to just do that. The testnet has been ready and batter-tested with a few customers of us, and we are announcing to a larger audience in Jan. of 2024.

5. Start Reddio's own Starknet sequencer for Appchain

While we are testing with our Starknet layer 2 testnet, we realised Madara is far from readiness for production, and for specific requirements. With the core infra engineer from Scroll joining us, and our experience building StarkEx sequencer, we are more confident than before to build much more stable and much higher performance sequencer for developers, meanwhile it will support both CairoVM and EVM, with tick based system too for genres of different fully on-chain games. We are building the stack now and will annouce the open source stack in Q2 of 2024.

Grand Roadmap in 2024 and beyond

Without a grand roadmap, it's hard for developers to follow, here's the grand roadmap you have been asking and waiting for, most of which will be available in 2024.

  1. Touch up StarkEx developer experience further for developers to onboard with Reddio much faster
    That will include dashboard improvement of onboarding journey, more tutorials, quickstart, SDKs and libraries.
  2. Reddio's Starknet Layer 2 with 0 gas and high performance
    We have been advocating 0 gas for Layer 2 for years, and successfully launched StarkEx powered layer 2 with 0 gas, now we bring that experience to Starknet and launch our owner Starknet Layer 2 powered by the most customizable sequencer deveoped by Reddio.
  3. Incentive plan for developers and users to onboard with the best technologies
    Start with point system, we will keep track of what developers have been building either on StarkEx Layer 2 or Starknet Layer 2, and we will also launch our staking plan for users to get incentivized once they deposit their asset to Reddio's layer 2.
  4. One click to launch L2/L3 Appchain powered by the best techologies in the industry
    To serve large customers' requirement, with Reddio's experience launching our own L2, we will bring such experience and power more developers with such infrastructure and the best developer experience as usual.
  5. 5 minutes to get simple task done without learning Cairo or Solidity for your own Appchain
    Ultimately, Reddio's here for the mass developer, where Web2 developer will be able to use our L2/L3 infra with minimal learning curve.
Reddio Platform

Coming to 2024, Reddio team is very excited, it will be a great year for L2/L3 and to bring such technologies to larger developer market, we invite the partners to talk to us and build together with Reddio Starknet Layer 2 and lay the foundation for L2/L3 Appchain, we welcome partners doing wallet, bridge, AMMs and NFT marketplaces to talk to us.

2024, Onward and Upward!