Deesse Launches its NFT on Reddio Powered by StarkWare

Deesse Launches its NFT on Reddio Powered by StarkWare

Deesse, a blockchain-based enjoy-to-earn placement game, has launched its NFTs on Reddio’s layer2 with 0 gas fee and instant confirmation.

Today, there are high barriers to bringing gaming assets into decentralized platform like layer2 technologies. Most of the gaming companies have to sacrifice that with a centralized way of architecting their gaming assets.

Powered by Reddio’s developer friendly APIs and developer onboarding experience, Deesse’s developers integrate their NFT minting in a few minutes with no smart contract experience needed.

‘Deesse chose Reddio due to its developer-friendly APIs, scalable solutions and 0 gas fee. Reddio is an excellent choice for building games with decentalized architecture, and brings the full transparency and self custody to our gamers for the gaming assets. In the future, Deesse plans to expand its partnership with Reddio to further build the whole game on layer2’, said Deesse founder.

About Reddio

Reddio is a technology company that builds infrastructure for the blockchain, to help developers adopt blockchain technologies with the world’s first easy-to-use Layer 2 zkRollup Agnostic APIs. Enabling developers embed Token or NFT(Non-fungible token) into their web, desktop and mobile applications with massive scalability and zero gas fee for off-chain.

Reddio has partnered with the leading layer 2 zkRollup provider Starkware to launch StarkEx APIs, with which you can have instant trading confirmation within second, high concurrent transactions up to 10k TPS, 0 gas fee as it’s done on layer 2 and the asset security derived from layer 1 Ethereum.

About Deesse

Deesse, a blockchain-based enjoy-to-earn placement game, grows from Japan to the international market. Players of Deesse can collect goddesses as NFT collectibles using different strategies depending on the goddesses and the powers they are equipped with. Deesse intends to break into set the pace in the enjoy-to-earn ecosystem through sustainability and matured gaming tech/art support as well as building an enjoy-to-earn mobile game with RPG combats.

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About StarkWare

StarkWare develops ZKP technology to solve two of the biggest problems of blockchains: scalability and privacy. Focusing on scalability, StarkWare has the fastest in-class technology for asserting computational integrity via succinct, transparent, and post-quantum-secure proofs.