Argent X vs Braavos - Which Starknet Wallet is Right for You?

Argent X vs Braavos - Which Starknet Wallet is Right for You?
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Argent X and Braavos are the two most popular wallets in the Starknet ecosystem.

While it can be tough to choose a favorite, we have listed some differences below in case it can help you to decide.

* The number of accounts was accessed through Voyager

Based on the above chart, we can see that Argent entered the market much earlier than Braavos. Both wallets continue to gain users since their launch and we expect this trend to continue as Starknet grows in popularity.

Both wallets are cross-platform and provide similar offerings. In all honesty, the functional differences are minor. For those who feel more assured for wallets that have been audited by 3rd-parties like Consensys, then you may want to consider Argent. For those interested in a newer wallet with an active Discord server (206k members), then you may want to consider Braavos.

At the end of the day, it might just come down to which UX you prefer.

However, it is worth mentioning that some long-time users of the Argent X wallet have experienced access issues. When Argent upgraded from Cairo 0 to Cairo 1.0, some users found themselves unable to access their funds. Argent does have an active Discord server but unfortunately, the support there has been lacking and the access issues have not been resolved for some users.

We know first-hand as some of our team members are long-time users and are still unable to access their funds.

Newer accounts on Argent do not seem to have this issue, but it is worth bearing in mind on how the company chooses to address or not address users' troubles and the level of support they are generally willing to provide.

With that being said, both Argent X and Braavos are the two most popular Starknet wallets for the reasons given above and you can't go too wrong with choosing either one of them.

If you're still unsure at this point, why not just try both?

As a provider of a developer-friendly SDK, let us know which wallet you prefer and the features you like and/or would like to see so that we may consider adding those functionalities when developing tools for our developers.