Reddio Announces Layer 2 zkRollup Mainnet Launch

Reddio Announces Layer 2 zkRollup Mainnet Launch

Providing Web3 App, Metaverse and Gaming developers an easy way to scale NFT minting and trading on Ethereum with low gas fee and instant confirmation

Reddio, blockchain infrastructure company, today unveils the mainnet of their zkRollup APIs powered by StarkEx from StarkWare.

It is a challenge for developers to access zkRollup technologies, which requires developers to learn and experiment a new logic in order to integrate with their own Apps. With Reddio’s developer friendly APIs and developer onboarding experience, they can get it done within minutes.

“As Reddio started to talk with developers about their pains to scale Ethereum and look into zkRollup space, it became clear to us, developers should focus on their efforts to their core business for their customers, rather than underlying infrastructure. So we decided to do what we do best - thoughtfully design an API product focused on solving such pain points to deliver a product developers love to use, “ said Neil HAN, founder and CEO of Reddio.

For developers who want to deploy on Ethereum for its security but need scale and low gas fees,they can now benefit from Reddio’s services and enjoy Ethereum’s security and stability. Any developer can use Reddio to:

  • Quickly build an in-app and in-game NFT marketplace on zkRollup
  • Scale your App and gaming assets trading without worry about downtime and security
  • Mint NFTs with Javascript SDK and Unity SDK with 0 gas fee
  • Build decentralised trading platform with scalability up to 10k TPS and minimum trading fee

Customers like US-based Mometa are using Reddio’s zkRollup APIs to mint NFTs inside of their Unity powered games due to Reddio’s zkRollup Unity SDK, then doing trading on NFT marketplace like MintSquare with low trading fee and faster confirmation time.

“Reddio has simplified our integration with Unity and allow us focus on building an immersive metaverse, the quick integration only take us few minutes to test it out, and two days to get us into production. Reddio’s team have taken care of any questions we have, listen to our feedback and convert them into APIs we love to use”, said Neo Wen, founder and CEO of Mometa.

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Reddio uses StarkEx scaling engine, based on zero-knowledge proofs (providing both zkRollup and Validium options) on layer 2 to take thousands of off-chain transactions in a batch, generate a proof to make sure all the transactions are valid, then publish the proof on layer 1, then verify the proof by a smart contract.

The user’s assets are held on layer 1 in the smart contract during the process, and can only be released after a valid proof.